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Five Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Better Than Flowers


Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts

As a Mother & Daughter owned business, Mother’s Day has a very special meaning for the Naturals, Inc family. Not only do we celebrate Mothers, we celebrate women everywhere; and we firmly believe women deserve something truly special for Mother’s Day.

For what you would spend on delivering a bouquet of flowers, you could treat your Mother to a truly unique (and wrapped) gift from Naturals Inc that she will treasure forever.

We emphasize all-natural materials and styles made for real women. Here, you will find pieces that will allow Mom to be herself and feel comfortable.

Chan Luu

Another bonus? We offer complimentary gift wrapping for any item purchased from Naturals Inc. Our staff will carefully pack your gift in an artful gift bag or box wrapped in paper and tied with Midori organdy ribbon. You will be able to add gift wrapping to your order and enter your gift message within the checkout screens.

Mothers Day Gifts

Here are five gifts you could send to Mom for Mother’s Day instead flowers-

1. Anything from Tracie Martyn

Give the gift of glowing skin from with skincare products created by one of the most sought after facialist in New York and Hollywood.  Everyone from A-List celebrities to stay at home moms swear by Tracie Martyn products. “The serum is fabulous,” says our Customer Service Manager Sheila Smith. “I was just speaking with a customer the other day who cannot live without the serum. She always purchases two bottles and a time so she will never run out and keeps the spare on in the refrigerator to optimize its’ freshness.” For about the same price of a floral delivery, you can give Mom the ultimate luxury in skin care.  Shop Tracie Martyn.

2. Chan Luu Accessories

We love Chan Luu, and so will Mom! Anyone who has ever worn one of these fantastic wrap bracelets and amazing cashmere scarves knows what we are talking about. Chan Luu accessories make fantastic gifts for special occasions because they are a luxurious item many women wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves (but would sure love to receive as a gift!). Many of our orders are for Chan Luu items that are shipped out as gifts. Shop Chan Luu.

3. Raffaello Rossi Jeans & Trousers

No matter how old or young, every woman needs a pair of Raffaello Rossi jeans and/or trousers in her wardrobe. There is a reason why our consumers are raving about Europe’s leading designer in women’s jeans and trousers. These German made jeans and trousers are created with specially selected Italian fabrics for an exceptionally comfortable fit for every figure. Our style experts cannot say enough about this brand and consider our selection of Raffaello Rossi Jeans & Trousers to be among our best wardrobe essentials. If you are unsure of Mom’s fit or style, we do offer gift certificates in varying denominations. Shop Raffaello Rossi.

4. Papaya Handbags & Accessory Pouches

Papaya totes and pouches are terribly stylish, featuring vintage-inspired colors that will make any outfit stand out. The handbags are lined with colorful patterns that add variety to the look, while the zipper is adorned with a stamped metal lotus charm that makes the entire ensemble truly magnificent, and ideal for keeping her smartphone, cosmetics, or small accessories inside. The adorable Accessory Pouches are perfect for cosmetics, art supplies, tech gadgets, magazines, documents, and life’s daily ephemera. Shop Papaya.

5. A Pair of Statement Earrings or a Necklace

What could be better than a stunning peice from renowned jewelry designers like Sonya Renee, Inbal Mishan, or FAI? These are all contemporary classics that get noticed. Our fine selection of Earrings & Necklaces are not only elegant, they are very versatile – each peice can be dressed up or down, and is sure to become a cherished favorite for Mom! Shop our Jewelry Collection.

So there you have it. Five gifts that Mom would probably rather have than a bouquet of flowers. If you need help finding the right gift for Mom,  contact our team at Naturals!  Happy Shopping!

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Raffaello Rossi’s NEW Fall & Winter Collection

Raffaello Rossi

Raffaello Rossi Fall/Winter 2015 collection. AMAZING!

We recently returned from a great trip to Germany where we spent some quality time with Ralf and Brigitte Schellenberger, the amazingly talented and creative founders of the Raffaello Rossi brand. Raffaello Rossi jeans and trousers are a customer favorite here at Naturals and we think our customers are going to LOVE the new pieces from their Fall 2015 and Winter 2015 collection soon to be added to our online store.

One of the highlights from our trip was visiting the beautiful Raffaello Rossi showroom in Düsseldorf which has an amazing clean and modern feel that showcases the clothes beautifully. “I always love visiting the showroom and getting the opportunity to talk with Ralf and Brigitte about the inspiration behind their designs” says Naturals Inc Co-Owner, Denise Delzell. “I am really excited about the Raffaello Rossi Fall/Winter 2016 collection. I think that people will really respond well to the new styles and colors”.

Raffaello Rossi

Looking for new pieces to add to our collection in the Raffaello Rossi showroom in Germany

Raffaello Rossi

Raffaello Rossi showroom in Düsseldorf, Germany

Raffaello Rossi

The Raffaello Rossi Showroom in Düsseldorf Germany

Raffaello Rossi

Raffaello Rossi Showroom

Raffaello Rossi is Europe’s leading designer in women’s jeans and trousers and growing in popularity every day here in the U.S. Each piece in this collection is created with specially selected Italian fabrics for an exceptionally comfortable fit for every figure.

The Italian name reflects the Schellenberger’s love for details and excellent workmanship of Italian fabrics they select. The brand has been featured in numerous fashion magazines in Europe and the United States. We are proud to be the first American company to make RAFFAELLO ROSSI available exclusively in the USA!

Want the look? Click here to see our collection of RAFFAELLO ROSSI jeans and trousers. You can also view our other selections of wardrobe essentials clicking here and/or call us anytime Mon-Fri 9am-3pmPST: 866-482-1119


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Unlock Love, Energy & Confidence

The Secret of Your Immortal Self by Guy Finley

We want to take a break from fashion today to share with you a new book releasing today in over 142 countries, The Secret of Your Immortal Self, by bestselling self-realization author and teacher Guy Finley.

Over 200 leading authors and experts, including Dr. Daniel Amen, Jennifer McLean, Gaiam®, and are joining to spread the news that The Secret of Your Immortal Self opens the doors to your brighter, more authentic life.

If you’d like to learn the deeper secrets of your own self, and unlock all the love, vibrant energy, and confidence that lie within you, please visit:

Plus, if you order the book today you’ll receive 5 wonderful bonus gifts including a free ticket to Guy Finley’s live webinar, an exclusive 4-hour audio album, and a 400-page eBook filled with inspirational quotes!

All best wishes for true happiness,
Naturals, Inc. Team

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Featured Eileen Fisher Essential Pieces

“I want to feel as comfortable when I work, and when I’m out as I do when I’m home with my kids. That’s why I design clothes that have ease, that move with the body. Clothes to live in.” -Eileen Fisher

When it comes to wardrobe essentials, we believe in timeless style and comfort over trends. This is one of the reasons why we love the elegant simplicity of the Eileen Fisher line of clothing. These beautiful and comfortable pieces are made with the finest all-natural materials for real women.

Eileen Fisher is known for their interchangeable and versatile designs and her pieces can frequently be worn together so you can dress up or down each piece. Here are just a few of our favorite foundation pieces we recommend adding to your wardrobe.

Eileen Fisher Washable Stretch Crepe Slim Ankle Pant

Eileen Fisher Washable Stretch Crepe Slim Ankle Pant

Eileen Fisher Washable Stretch Crepe Slim Ankle Pant

Eileen Fisher Washable Stretch Crepe Slim Ankle Pant

Eileen Fisher Washable Stretch Crepe Slim Ankle Pant

The Eileen Fisher Washable Stretch Crepe Slim Ankle Pant is one of our best sellers because it is among the most versatile pieces we have to offer our customers. It’s so popular in fact, that it’s a challenge to keep all the sizes and colors in stock!

“I love all the Eileen Fisher Washable Stretch Crepe pants, but this one in particular works well for me because length is perfect for my 5’3” frame,” says our style expert Sheila Smith. “It’s also flattering as an ankle pant on a taller person who is 5’7” or more.  It is so comfortable and hugs your body in all the right ways”. This pant can be worn for work, travel or the weekend and gets 5 out of 5 stars from most of our shoppers. Here are just a few of the reviews from our shoppers:

“Oh, how I love these pants! I make most of my clothes, but this EF washable stretch crepe is fabric I just can’t duplicate, so I keep buying these pants. Perfect with all my tunics. I pray EF never stops producing these pants!!”
Reviewer: Jan C. (Youngstown, OH)

“Very useful, easy to care for garments from Eileen Fisher. I am sold on these crepe pants. Also navy blue (Midnight) is hard to find and always in demand.”
Reviewer: Helen (Vancouver, Washington)

Learn more about this piece by clicking here.

Eileen Fisher Scrunch Neck Top

Eileen Fisher Scrunch Neck Top in Viscose Jersey

Eileen Fisher Scrunch Neck Top in Viscose Jersey

Our customers can’t seem to get enough of the body-skimming Eileen Fisher Scrunch Neck Top in Viscose Jersey & Eileen Fisher Scrunch Neck Top in Stretch Silk Jersey. These tops offer the warmth of a turtleneck but it is much more comfortable and flexible than a regular turtleneck tends to be. “This top pairs well with anything really,” says Shelia. “Any of the Eileen Fisher bottoms or even the Raffaello Rossi jeans all look great with this top”.

Eileen Fisher Scoop Neck Long Slim Tank

Eileen Fisher Scoop Neck Long Slim Tank

Eileen Fisher Scoop Neck Long Slim Tank

One piece for Spring/Summer that is a must have is the Eileen Fisher Scoop Neck Long Slim Tank in Organic Cotton Baby Rib. This best-selling style with new bra-friendly straps is only $58.00 and we stock it in a large selection of colors and sizes. “It is just a great all around basic tank,” says Sheila. “It is wonderful to wear alone during the warmer summer months but also as a great layering piece under an Eileen Fisher sweater for winter.”

We’re proud to present one of the best collections of Eileen Fisher clothing in the country. We carry a wide array of products from the exquisite line, including her diverse Eileen Fisher jacket and sweater collection as well as a number of classic tops, dresses and sweaters. We are always adding new pieces so be sure to browse our Eileen Fisher selection to find the look that’s right for you.


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Our Must Have Look of the Moment: Raffaello Rossi Jova Jeans

Raffaello Rossi Jova Colored Denim Slim Fit Jean

Raffaello Rossi Jova Colored Denim Slim Fit Jean

Our in house style experts are committed to bringing our loyal consumers the highest quality wardrobe essentials for every woman. If you need help finding the right look for work, weekends and special occasions, contact our team at Naturals!

Our Customer Service Specialist, Sheila Smith, tells us that consumers are raving about about RAFFAELLO ROSSI, Europe’s leading designer in women’s jeans and trousers. These German made jeans and trousers are created with specially selected Italian fabrics for an exceptionally comfortable fit for every figure.

Raffaello Rossi

Raffaello Rossi Jeans

Though we love all of our Raffaello Rossi pieces, our look of the month is the Raffaello Rossi Jova jeans. “It is an amazing pair of pull on jeans and has the just the right amount of stretch to make it comfortable” says Sheila Smith.

Do you desire the slim fitting silhouette of skinny jeans but wish you were wearing comfortable leggings? If so, this is a great piece to add to your collection. Raffaello Rossi Jova jeans look chic with boots, flats, heels, and just about everything in between! Not to mention they can be easily dressed up or down.

“This is an item that you really have to try it on to love it and we have a very low return rate on them, once people get them on they love them, says Smith. “The Jova works for all body types from a size 2 to a 16, it comes in black and a dark denim and both are wonderful”.

Raffaello Rossi has been featured in numerous fashion magazines in Europe and the United States. We are proud to be the first American company to make RAFFAELLO ROSSI available exclusively in the USA!

Want the look? Click here to see our collection of RAFFAELLO ROSSI jeans and trousers. You can also view our other selections of wardrobe essentials clicking here and/or call us anytime Mon-Fri 9am-3pmPST: 866-482-1119

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Six 40+ Style Bloggers You Need to Follow

Fashion and Cookies

Photo via Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

“Chic” happens at any age…..

As a company that caters to women’s style, we like to keep tabs on the wide range of trends featured in most fashion blogs. There is no shortage of talented bloggers and photographers, but some of our favorite style gurus just might surprise you.

Blogging about style and new innovations in fashion isn’t limited only to the millennial generation. There is an amazing community of fabulous 40+ fashion bloggers who beautifully demonstrate that “chic” happens at any age and any size. Here’s our list of some of our favorites style mavens who can help guide you to look and feel your best.

Fashion and Cookies

Vale, an Italian style blogger (pictured above), helps readers find personal outfits, shopping tips, trends, makeup and beauty tips through beautifully written posts and photographs. Click here to visit the site.

Welcome to 40+Style!

Find inspiration from other 40+ women, check out their tips on how to dress after 40, get beauty tips or find out what’s new in fashion. You can even take a style course! Click here to see more.

Girls of a certain age

A blog launched by Kim France, former editor in chief and co-founder of Lucky Magazine. The blog combines style and wit to help women figure out new ways to look chic and distinctive and sexy. Click here to see more.

Not Dressed as a Lamb

British blogger Catherine Summers combines her style savvy with her photography talents to guide women of all ages through personal style, health and fitness, positive body image, photography tips and more. Click here to visit her site.

You Look Fab

With 20+ years of experience in the fashion industry under her belt, style blogger Angie Cox joined forces with her husband to launch a community dedicated to fashion and style for all ages, budgets, body types and fashion personas. Click here to visit her site.

Lady of Style

Annette, a German fashion and style blogger for 40+ women, loves feminine looks with current trends. On her site, you will find a modern version of age appropriate personal outfits, shopping tips and styling series. Click here to see more.

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Building Trust With Our Customers is a Top Priority

New items are always coming in and going right out to you!

What began as a woman’s boutique in beautiful Ashland, Oregon has grown into a trusted source for every day essentials for women all over the world. The relationships we have built with our customers through the years is what sets our company apart from the rest.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in our unique approach to service and we sincerely enjoy assisting our clients in finding the perfect outfit or item. It’s why they return to us again and again.

When it comes to shopping online, it’s all about trust. Here are some of the steps we have taken to earn your trust:

1. We value our customer’s online security and safety.
We have taken every measure to ensure that online shopping is as secure as ordering from a catalog or buying from a store. We secure your private information using industry standard encryption technology that ensures safe Internet transmission of your personal information.

2. We are committed to providing our clients personalized and prompt service.
If you need gift or shopping suggestions, please feel free to call during our customer service hours. Our associates will be happy to coordinate outfits, advise on sizing and suggest unique gifts for all occasions.

3. We always do our best to accommodate special requests.
If you have a specific style you are in search of, please contact us at 1·866·482·1119 between the hours of 9am-3pm PST Monday through Friday. Items that you have seen in other stores or styles you love but would prefer in another color can be special ordered. You can expect a response to all requests within 48 hours. Depending on availability, items can be shipped out immediately.

Are you shopping for someone else? Make you sure you take advantage of our complimentary gift wrap for any item purchased from Naturals. We will carefully pack your gift into an artful gift bag or box wrapped in paper and tied with Midori organdy ribbon.

4. We have earned Top Rated Seller status on Ebay
We were recently informed that Naturals, Inc has achieved Top Rated Seller status, meeting eBay’s US seller performance standards. Top Rated Sellers are recognized and rewarded as sellers who consistently deliver outstanding customer service.

5. We LISTEN and care about what our customers have to say.
We love to connect with our customers on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and listen to what they have to say about their experience with Naturals. In addition, we send our customers info about new arrivals, sales, specials and bonus coupons in our daily newsletter- click here to sign up. We also have implemented tools for our customers to tell us how we are doing and what they thought of their purchase. Here are just some of the comments that have come in recently. Click here to see more:

“This was my first order from Naturals-Inc., and I am a TOTALLY SATISFIED CUSTOMER. The ease of ordering (including PayPal), timely shipment and delivery, beautifully-wrapped items, and top quality products made this an enjoyable experience.”- LINDA C

“Very easy to shop and I like that type of shipping is specified so I know what to expect since my shipping address differs depending upon USPS or FedEx/UPS. Thanks!”- Karin T – OR, US

“Always responsive. Items as advertised. Excellent customer service.”-Elaine C – CA, US

“You probably think I”m nuts ordering the same things 3 times but I’m a jewelry designer and this is a kind of “uniform” to frame my bold colorful jewelry. Thanks. Bess” -Bess H – NY, US

“Great prices on my favorite three dot tops.”- Donna P – CA, US

“#1 you had what no one else in Chicago had. #2 in stock (no surprises after checkout) #3 so nice on the phone #4 a 25% off coupon on a major name brand” – Maridolores G – IL, US

We’d love to hear from you! Click here and let us know how we’re doing!

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Find Her Perfect Gift With Our Holiday Gift Guide!

Let’s face it, finding the right holiday gift for fashion conscious women in your life can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to look! To help you save time and effort, we compiled a Holiday Gift Guide featuring a list of lovely items that are as unique as her personality. Happy Shopping!

Holiday Gifts  Accessories Bags

Gift Ideas for “The Ultra Chic Gal”

She’s the type who loves dressing with style, so your gift needs to be just as stylish!  Watch her eyes light up with joy when she finds one of these super chic accessories under the holiday tree!

  • Papaya Eiffel Tower Small Accessory Pouch– Paris isn’t only a very romantic destination, but also the place every fashionista would love to visit. This Eiffel Tower-imprinted Papaya small accessory pouch is terribly stylish, featuring vintage-inspired colors that will make any outfit stand out. The pouches are lined with colorful patterns that add variety to the look, while the zipper is adorned with a stamped metal lotus charm that makes the entire ensemble truly magnificent, and ideal for keeping her smartphone, cosmetics, or small accessories inside.
  • 27 Miles Malibu Chumash Cashmere Poncho in Driftwood– This isn’t, by any means, a regular poncho. This lovely Chumash garment can be worn 5 different ways, offering a great opportunity to get creative with your look! While wearing the buttons on the side will be just perfect for a business meeting or typical office workday, wearing them on the front will add some extra glam to her outfit effortlessly – something she’ll love you for.
  • Delezhen Purple Amethyst Gold Teardrop Earrings– Teardrop earrings are universally-appealing to most women, and these are no exception! These earrings come in a fabulous shade of purple and are made with 14K gold. Elegant, refined, finely-crafted, you can’t go wrong with this look.

Perfect Gifts for “The Sporty Chick”

This is for the woman who is on the go!  You are looking for something to suit her active, fun and outdoorsy lifestyle- but also serves a practical purpose so it doesn’t slow her down. Consider giving her one or all of the following:

  • Papaya Fearless Luxe Tote– Active women need something stylish, yet practical to carry their gym gear from place to place.  While typical gym bags are convenient, luxe totes are even better – especially if they look as dazzling as this one! With water-resistant lining, two pockets, a zipper pouch, and even a cell phone compartment, this bag is your best bet, sporting convenience, room, and style – all in the same place.
  • Chan Luu Cashmere Silk Scarves–  Now that winter is here, the outdoorsy type needs to dress properly for the cold days ahead. This Chan Luu cashmere silk scarf is visually-appealing, featuring fringes that will light up her outfit. Lightweight and simple, this scarf will add no weight to her shoulders, which means that she’ll actually love wearing it. To top that off, it’s much more practical than a silk scarf, and it’s also available in lots of nice colors, such as mauve chalk, eggshell, and red.

Gift Ideas Perfect for “The Beauty Fanatic”

She makes an effort to take care of herself and puts her best face on. Though she is a natural beauty, she is always seeking the best for her skin, hair and nails to look and feel like her most beautiful self.  You won’t let her down with a gift from Tracie Martyn!

  • Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser– Cleansing is the first and most important part of her beauty routine. This purifying cleanser from Tracie Martyn is based on ancient Ayurveda medicine, including all-natural ingredients such as Amla extract that can gently purify the skin, and restore its youthful appearance and vitality. Wrap this in a lovely package, and witness her eyes sparkling the moment you give it to her.
  • Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant– Exfoliation remains an important part of any beauty routine, helping women get rid of dead cells and other impurities. This enzyme exfoliant can do more than that, as it’s been specifically formulated to soften fine lines, minimize large pores, and lighten complexion – three effects that are very much sought for by other beauty addicts.
  • Tracie Martyn Firming Serum– As we age, it’s only natural for wrinkles and fine lines to appear and most of the products on the market do very little to help. This firming serum from Tracie Martyn  featuring essential vitamins, exotic botanicals, powerful antioxidants is an exception!  With a guarantee for absolute purity and visible results, this gift goes above and beyond her expectations!

Whether it’s a pair of stylish jeans, a sporty bag, a classic tee, or a cozy sweater, we have the perfect gifts from the brands that she’ll love- Eileen Fisher, Three Dots, Raffaello Rossi, Papaya and more!   We’ll even wrap it for you for free!   Select “Complimentary Giftwrap” at checkout- Happy Holidays!

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Give Back When You Shop With Us on “Goodshop Sunday” November 30th!

What’s better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Goodshop Sunday, and it’s coming November 30th!

Naturals, Inc is proud to partner with GoodSearch by participating in #GoodshopSunday, a special day for shoppers to buy gifts that also give back to their favorite nonprofit organization during the hectic holiday shopping season.

Shop for holiday gifts and wardrobe essentials at Naturals using our promo code on Sunday, November 30, 2014 and 3.5% of your purchase will be donated to the cause of your choice. Click here to choose from more than 113,000 causes!

In addition to giving back to the community, shoppers will save big on our collection of stylish, comfortable and elegant essentials from popular designers like Chan Luu, Eilieen Fisher, MAC Jeans, and Not Your Daughter’s Jeans!

GoodShop Sunday

Shop with us and give back to the cause of your choice on GoodShop Sunday, November 30th!

Here’s how you can participate and help us spread the word.

1) Take the #GoodShopSunday pledge to buy 1 gift that gives back this holiday season and share it on social media.

2) Help us get the word out by sharing this blog post on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter- (be sure to use the hashtag #GoodshopSunday and tag @Naturals_Inc & @goodsearch too!)

3) On Sunday, November 30th visit the Naturals Goodshop page and click on the promo code GOODSHOP to receive 30% off all orders (excluding: Raffaello Rossi Giga, Penny, Britta styles, Tracie Martyn and Papaya). 3.5% of your purchase will be donated to the cause of your choice.

Find great gifts and/or transform your wardrobe this holiday season. From classic tops like tees and sweaters to stylish accessories like opal earrings and leather bracelets, we’ve got the styles that real women wear and love.

We’re excited to give back with our holiday shopping this year! Will you please take the #GoodshopSunday pledge and share it too?

About Goodsearch
More than 15 million people used Goodsearch last year to support more than 100,000 non-profits and schools. Since 2006, Goodsearch users have raised more than $9 million, participated in over 1.1 billion charitable actions, and have truly made a difference. Goodsearch works with over 100,000 organizations — ranging from national non-profits to local schools and community groups.

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Three Dots Clothing is Pure. American. Luxury.

Three Dots Boatneck Tee

Three Dots Fitted British Boatneck Tee

“Our philosophy is simple, pure and effortless. I think women should try to dress with an effortless feel instead of being too fussy… they need to have an eye for fashion, but keep it more subtle, just a whisper of it.”

-Three Dots Co-founder, Sharon Lebon, speaking in an interview on

We are very selective about the clothing brands we offer; but companies such as Three Dots are a perfect fit for our consumers (figuratively and literally)! We appreciate their conscious approach to business and want to share their story with you.

Three Dots LLC, the maker of high-end tops, tees, tanks and other basics, is a favorite among celebrities, bloggers and fashion editors alike.  Lucky Magazine calls them “the brand that’s elevated casual dressing to an art form with its famously flattering tees and tanks, cute summer dresses and skirts and all manner of chic, casual basics.”

Based in Garden Grove, CA, Three Dots Co-Founder Sharon Lebon launched the company in 1995 with her fabulously fitted tees and hasn’t looked back. The company continues to evolve as a lifestyle clothing and takes great pride in creating clothing that is “Made in U.S.A.” The Three Dots factory and corporate headquarters is a 70,000 square foot building where all pieces are designed, created and shipped from.

Sharon Lebon

Sharon Lebon Photo @ V I N H photography. Photo Source:

You may find it interesting that their iconic trademark, the ellipsis (below), is heat-stamped directly onto the fabric, reflecting the product’s clean, minimal design. The sizes of the garments are differentiated by the color-coded dots. This clever labeling idea is matched by sophisticated design details, including their signature flat-locked stitch.

Three Dots

It’s no wonder that pieces like the Three Dots Fitted British Boatneck Tee are one of our most popular items with with 5 star reviews like these-

“Love my Three Dots boat necks. Have been a fan for over 5 years. Used to buy another brand but the product did not hold up as well as the Three Dot tees. Use them for travel as they fold nicely in a travel bag. When they look a little worn, I use them as sleep shirts with a pair of sleep pants. Lastly, Naturals is a great company to buy from as the service, discounts and packaging can’t be beat.” – Debbie G. (Lutherville, MD)

“Short sleeves, and sleeveless shirts do me no favors….The boatneck gives some relief from heat, and because of the thicker material there is no need for Spanx!!!! Love this shirt!” -Barbara C. (Battle Creek, MI)

“A friend referred me to 3 dots and I must tell you I absolutely love these tees. They are “perfect” and of great quality. Love love love them. Oh…. can you tell I love them and ordered several. :)”– CJ (Cle Elum, Washington)

“I absolutely love these shirts — I’m collecting one in every color! The fabric feels good, looks good, lasts well — and the trim fit makes it look chic everywhere, all the time, under blazers, sweaters or just on its own. YOU MUST HAVE THESE! And my compliments to Naturals — they are a great company to deal with. Kudos!”-Kate (Portland, OR)

“I love the classic look of this tee. It’s so versatile.”-Renee L. (Baton Rouge, LA

Click here so learn more about this outstanding American company and shop from our versatile line-up of essential Three Dots shirts to add simple, everyday luxury to your wardrobe.

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