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Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Baby Rib Long Cami

Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Baby Rib Long Cami

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Eileen Fisher: The Perfect Eco-Chic For Mom

Mother’s Day is a great time to support designers who have made a conscious effort to create eco-chic pieces—beautiful clothes that are sustainably made or support communities in need. For your environment-conscious friend or loved one, Eileen Fisher items are excellent choice, featuring stylish, classic designs in Earth-friendly materials.

Organic cotton is a high-quality, hand-woven fabric produced in methods that are friendly to the environment. Typically, every stage of a garment’s manufacturing process, from weaving and dyeing, to transportation to distributors and retail stores is controlled to limit any negative impact on the environment.

Eileen Fisher is a clothing brand that prides itself on not only being a green, environmentally-conscious company, but also on creating pieces that actually look good. When you wear any of its jackets or purchase Eileen Fisher sweaters, you feel good not only about the fact that they look stylish and are comfortable, but also because you know you’re doing something good for the environment.

During cooler weather, you really can’t go wrong with an Eileen Fisher scarf, or organic cotton sweater. Not only are they warm as a hug and super-soft to the touch, you’ll also feel better knowing that you’re wearing something that is free of harsh chemicals and dyes. As the organic label implies, Eileen Fisher sweaters and jackets are designed and created using all-natural and renewable fibers, inks and cotton blends, and not synthetic or artificial materials.

Buying eco-chic clothing to give away as gifts is a great way to share your love for fashion and also do something good for nature. Each Eileen Fisher jacket or sweater you buy can encourage more designers, manufacturers, and retailers to produce sustainable clothing that will minimize the strain that the clothing industry puts on our natural resources.

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