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In The News: Upper Casual Cambio

Cambio Norah Slim Ankle Jean in Modern Blue Denim

Cambio Norah Slim Ankle Jean in Modern Blue Denim

Well dressed. Casual and high-class. Simple and undisguised.¬† Guaranteed suitable for every day. In the premium fashion market, a new field is forming, and its growth potential is considered high: Upper Casual. For women who want to dress well every day, who value quality, who invest seriously in clothing and yet don’t run after every fad. It’s more about style than fashion. It’s a world shaped by sophisticated and high-quality items.

Textilwirtschaft, a leading German textile magazine, has developed the first ever study on this market segment, involving 120 purchasing agents in specialist Ladieswear shops and large retailers in Germany (Issue 46, dated November 17th). They found that the Upper Casual segment includes strong dynamics, high competition, and enormous potential‚Ķand Cambio won first place among many high-quality labels. Textilwirtschaft reports: “The important thing is that a brand stands for something that makes a difference. Otherwise it is hard to succeed in the long term. Cambio does this with well-fitting trousers.” An Upper Casual customer has high expectations of the product. Fashionable sustainability beyond one season, well-fitting shape, suitable for every day, top quality and manufacturing are the criteria at the very top of the list.

Cambio proved to be the best in quality, manufacture and product expertise.


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