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Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Working Naturally with Your Skin

The Cleansing Cream is featured on (circulation: 750,000; page 34).  (Sadly, this is the last issue of this magazine.)  The product is included in a winter skincare story and is recommended for the “Cleanse Gently” step. The editor called out the “hydrating base with a little sweet almond meal” which exfoliates “dry flakes with minimal abrasion.”

Dr.Hauschka is featured on (circulation: 17,000; page 55).  The January issue is their “2013 Products & Education Guide” and Dr.Hauschka cosmetics is included in the “product listings” directory with contact info and the company’s US HQ address.

The Regenerating Day Cream is featured on (circulation: 350,000; page 22).  The product is included in a skin care basics story and is recommended for smoothing and strengthening mature skin with “revitalizing kalanchoe, antioxidant red clover, silica-rich field horsetail, vitamin-packed acerola berries and calming rose petals.”

The Spring 2013 Eyeshadow Trio is featured on (circulation: 5,672; page 262), a bi-weekly trade publication.  The product is included in their “New Products” column with detailed information regarding the launch date, ingredients and pricing.

The Pure Care Cover Stick is featured on (circulation: 500,000; page 42).  The product is included in a blurb about pregnancy-safe acne products and is recommended for blending “fruit seed and plant oils that help treat blemishes while concealing them.”

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