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Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Cosmetics – Called “WWW favorite”

The Cleansing Milk, Clarifying Toner and Blackthorn Body Wash are featured on (unique visitors per month: 22,806,000) the products are included in a skincare round-up).

The Neem Nail Oil Pen is featured on (unique visitors per month: 584,300).  The product is included in a round-up of nail oils, and is called a “WWW favorite” for fortifying nail keratin, softening cuticles, encouraging growth, and building nail strength.

Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics are mentioned in the April 2013 issue of Health magazine (circulation: 1,350,000; pages 28-29).  The brand is included in a green beauty story for Earth Day, and is mentioned in a sidebar on online resources for green beauty.

Quotes from Jaime Olander and the Rose Day Cream are featured in the April 2013 issue of American Spa magazine (circulation: 28,000).  Jaime is quoted in the “In the Mix” rose ingredient story, along with a shout out to the Classic Treatment.  Rose Day Cream is one of the featured “rose-based products” at the end of the article and is recommended to “nurture and renew sensitive, dry and weather-damaged skin.”

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