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Dr. Hauschka Make Up Cosmetics Organic Products

The Dr. Hauschka Deodorant Fresh is featured on The product is included how to choose the right deodorant/antiperspirant, and is one of the options recommended Dr. Hauschka.

The Lipstick Novum in Delicate Orchard is featured on  The product is included in a how-to wedding day makeup story, with expert tips from celeb MUA Birgitte Philippides.

The Dr. Hauschka Baths are featured on  The Lavender, sage, rosemary and spruce baths and reviewed each one. The post ended by recommending the baths as the “surest way to emerge calm, cool and collected.”

The Dr. Hauschka Bronze Translucent Concentrate is featured on The product is included in a beauty Q&A with model Angela Lindvall. She recommends the Bronze Translucent Concentrate for giving skin “amazing color”.

The Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics spring 2013 collection and new body washes were featured on  The products are included in the beauty briefs section with a credit to whole foods. We were pleased that each scent of the body washes was called out.

The Rhythmic Night Conditioner is featured in the April 25th – May 8th Edition of Campus Circle , a regional publication distributed in Southern California.  The product is included in the Mother’s Day Gift Guide under “Luxe.” We were pleased that the product’s benefit of renewing tired complexion was called out.

The Dr. Hauschka new body washes are featured on Calfornia Wedding Day, the regional bridal online companion. The body washes are included in a product review. We were pleased that the soap-free formula and pure essential oils were called out.

The Eyeliner and Pure Care Cover Stick are featured on The products are featured in “EcoSalon’s 2013 Eco-Beauty Approved Guide” in the “Makeup & Color” section. The brands/products chosen were put together by’s editors as well as a select group of green beauty experts including MUAs Kristen Arnett, Paige Padgett, and Jessa Blades.

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