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Dr. Hauschka Brand Natural Skin Care Cosmetic Products

The Neem Nail Oil Pen is featured on The product is included in a round-up of eco-friendly beauty products for earth day. It’s recommended to “boost the health of brittle nails and prevent them from chipping.”

The Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil is featured on  The product is included in an earth day round-up of eco-friendly hair care.

The spring 2013 Eye shadow trio is featured on The product is included in an eco makeup round-up. We were pleased that benefits of black tea extracts were called out.

The Dr. Hauschka Rose and Almond Body Washes are featured in the spring edition of  The products are included in a spring beauty essentials round-up and are described as “refreshing to the extreme.”

The Volume Mascara is featured in the April issue of LAX magazine, the in-terminal magazine at Los Angeles international airport.  The product as well as a mention of the collection is included in a spring beauty story. We were pleased that the eye shadow brushes were mentioned and the benefits of each product were called out.

The Dr. Hauschka Toned Day Cream is featured on, an affluent regional publication distributed in New York. The product is included in a round-up Kyle Dewoody’s favorite must-have items.  Kyle Dewoody is named as one of Forbes ’30 Under 30’ and the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Grey Area, an art and design website featuring an array of art from different artists.

The Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk and Toned Day Cream are featured on The products are featured in “EcoSalon’s 2013 Eco-Beauty Approved Guide” in the “Facial Care” section. The brands/products were select group of green beauty experts including MUA friends Kristen Arnett, Paige Padgett, Sophie Uliano and Jessa Blades.

The Dr. Hauschka Deodorant Fresh is featured on  The product is included in a slideshow of products to include in a “Wedding Emergency Kit” and is recommended to “keep the sweat off your dress the all-natural way.”

The Dr Hauschka Cosmetics Spring 2013 Black Eyeliner is featured on, the online companion to national publication Ladies’ Home Journal.   The product is included in a round-up of the “Best New Natural and Organic Beauty Products for spring and summer.” We are pleased the editors wrote that they loved the pitch-black color and super silky formulation.

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