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Dr. Hauschka Natural Organic Skin Care Products

The Lip Care Stick is featured in the September 2013 “Home” issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine (circulation: 2,085,000). The product is pictured in a home organization story (pages 136-137).

The Rouge Powder and Bronzing Powder were featured on Great Day San Antonio on Friday, August 9th 2013, which airs on KENS 5, the local CBS affiliate.

The products are included in a back-to-school beauty segment in which celebrity makeup artist Lindsey Lopez recommends beauty essentials and corresponding tips for the fall season. We were pleased that Lindsey described the color palettes as “soft” and demonstrated the Rouge Powder on the model.  The segment ran online.

The Bronzing Powder is featured in the August 11th 2013 edition of Seattle Times (circulation: 263,000; pages 1-4), a regional daily newspaper distributed in Seattle, WA.  The product is included in a summer/fall makeup round-up with a credit to Whole Foods. We were pleased that the “silky matte” finish of the bronzer was called out.

The Rouge Powder #3 is featured on Who What Wear new beauty site Byrdie.  MUA katey denno called the product out in a blush round-up/how-to, and it is included in a “get the look” slide with Alexa Chung.

The Rose Body Wash is featured on The product is included in a body wash round-up titled, “Body washes that are far from sweet.” We were pleased that the key ingredients were called out, including rose and sunflower.

The Lipsticks Novum were featured in the August 2nd 2013 edition of Dan’s Papers (circulation:71,000; page 99), a regional weekly publication distributed in the Hamptons.    The lipsticks are included in a story titled “Natural Beauty & Newsworthy New Shops” with a credit to Second Nature Markets (Southampton location).   We were pleased that the editor mentioned how much she likes the skincare line and described the products as “incredible.”

The Deodorant Floral is featured on, the personal website and blog of celebrity green MUA Renata Helfman.  The product is one of Renata’s six beauty product picks for summer and is featured on both the homepage as well as in a separate beauty story. The Deodorant Floral is recommended as a “natural deodorant that really works!”

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