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Posted on 08 March 2017

Meet The Amazing Women Behind The Brands

In honor of International Women’s Day Naturals Inc. would like to showcase the amazing women behind our most popular brands.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher grew up in Des Plaines, Illinois and in 1984 started Eileen Fisher the brand. Born out Eileen’s search for a simple system of dressing, Eileen turned $350 into what is now Eileen Fisher Inc.

Not only is Eileen Fisher a great system of clothing but it is Eco-friendly as well. Eileen Fisher is committed to using organic, sustainable fibers, manufacturing clothes in the US, and making recycling of Eileen Fisher products (with the Green Eileen program) easy and encouraged.

Eileen Fisher at Naturals Inc.

Chan Luu

Even as a young girl growing up in South Vietnam, Chan Luu had a passion for design at an early age. After completing her degree in business at Boston University, Chan made the move to Los Angeles to study fashion and pursue her dreams.

In 1996 the Chan Luu brand was established, inspired by design from various cultures all over the world. Today, Chan Luu’s handcrafted jewelry, scarves, and ready-to-wear clothing have made her a household name and a celebrity favorite.

Chan Luu at Naturals Inc.

Sharon Lebon

In 1995, Three Dots founder Sharon Lebon set out to create the perfect t-shirt for every woman. Staying true to her American roots, Three Dots prides itself on being Made in the USA.

As an avid horseback rider and animal lover, Sharon spends most of her days at her 12-acre ranch in Montana. Her passion for nature and the outdoors inspires every Three Dots design.

Three Dots at Naturals Inc.

Brigitte Schellenberger

Co-Founder of Raffaello Rossi, Brigette was recently named one of the 100 most important women in German fashion.

Since the mid-90s, Brigitte and her husband Ralf Schellenberger followed their vision to transform his family’s company into one of the most successful women’s clothing brands in Germany.

As a result, the brand RAFFAELLO ROSSI was founded in 1995, and the Schellenbergers have not looked back. The Italian name reflects their love for details and excellent workmanship of Italian fabrics they select.

Already established as one of the leading designers in European fashion, Raffaello Rossi is now available in the US.

Raffaello Rossi at Naturals Inc.

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