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Posted on 23 December 2016

Soothing Sips

We are right in the thick of Holiday season and there is no better time than now for self-love.

“Sleigh bells ring are ya listening?” Don’t worry, I won’t be singing anymore seasonal cheers. The only thing I want to “frolic and play” with is a nice cup of tea and a good book. So, I’ve decided to share my favorite winter beverage. Guaranteed to make you say, “Ahhh,” as you take your fist sip. Then, I’ll enlighten you with some words of an old book I recently started reading again. That’s right, dust off those half-finished reads and sooth your soul with some good quality YOU time!

So, maybe a quick trip to the local grocery store, five minutes of prep time and some fuzzy slippers. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Basic needs (Organic and local, only if it’s your preference):

Pure Raw Local Honey

Myer Lemon (sweeter than most lemons, skin is thin and pulp is extra juicy)

Ginger Root

Cayenne Pepper

Peeler (use knife if needed)



Your Favorite Mug

Oh and water to boil. . . fill your tea kettle.


Begin by boiling yourself a nice pot of water. Continue prepping.

Take your peeler and nab a sizable piece of the lemon skin, put aside and save for later (garnish). Then, cut your lemon in half (put the other half aside, save for another time) and squeeze the juices into your mug. I like to use the end of my spoon or knife to really receive as much of the juice as I can. A little pulp is also nice.


Please, don’t be afraid of a little cayenne! I like to use a pinch for a little kick and also cut the tanginess of the lemon.


Begin by peeling the skin of your ginger. Once the root is fully peeled, continue to cut strips of ginger until you have a preferable amount. I like to have four or five pieces. The ginger soaks up all the juices and are quite delicious for eating later. Drop the pieces in and we are off to the next step!

It’s time for honey! Grab that spoon of yours and pour about two tablespoons of that gooey goodness into your mug. By this time, the whistle on your tea kettle should start to sound.

Next, pour the beautiful gift of life into your mug and stir away. . . you’ll be sipping in no time.

Voila! Now, remember that little lemon garnish I told you to save? Go ahead, give it a twist and let the rind float in the top of your mug.

Lastly, grab your favorite book, sit on your favorite sofa, curl up, dust off those pages and take a soothing sip of your concoction. Love in a mug.

Wait! One more thing. I told you I was going to share a snippet of my dusty ol’ book:

Journey to Ixtlan By: Carlos Casteneda.

“Power is something a warrior deals with,” he said. “At first it’s an incredible farfetched affair; it is hard to even think about it. This is what’s happening to you know. Then power becomes a serious matter; one may not have it, or one may not even fully realize that it exists, yet one knows that something is there, something which was not noticeable before. Next power is manifested as something uncontrollable that comes to oneself. It is not possible for me to say how it comes or what it really is. It is nothing and yet it makes marvels appear before your very eyes. And finally power is something in oneself, something that controls one’s acts and yet obeys one’s command”

With all of the commotion in the world, it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself. These simple gifts to your heart will make all the difference as you lay your head to rest at night. Enjoy your tea and alter the already varied measurements of ingredients to fit your taste. Maybe you like a little more spice (cayenne or ginger) or maybe you need a little more sweetness (honey) in your life. Whatever your preference, each of these ingredients has detoxifying properties to run through your veins.

Be sure to tell me if you want to see more posts like this.
          Much Love,
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